“Tim Piccirillo is America’s Favorite Motivational Speaker for Elementary Schools!”

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Tim has been speaking/performing at elementary schools for 30 years.  Prior to his professional speaking career Tim made his living as a professional magician, performing mostly at elementary schools. Tim combines magic, humor, and even a little ventriloquism with his puppet “Eddie” (which, many times, the kids remember more than the magic!) to reinforce 3 different messages or “themes”.  He has performed over 2500 elementary-aged shows in his career and his show never fails to be a complete hit with the K-5 crowd!

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Check out Tim’s Elementary School Programs…
  • You Are Special: The Magic of Believing In Yourself

    This is a show geared at boosting the self-esteem of every child in the audience. Pointing out the fact that everyone has talents, abilities and potential, Tim show students that they need to believe in themselves to be successful.

  • I Love to Read

    This is a program stressing the importance of reading and has 3 messages:

  1. Read at least 30 minutes a day to be successful. Reading and continuous learning is important to be successful.
  1. It’s not what’s on the outside of a book that matters (however pretty the cover looks), but the content on the inside that counts.
  1. The importance and responsibility of taking care of “borrowed” library books.
  • The Say No Show”

    This is an anti-drug program that is more relevant than ever  in today’s society.  Although funding for this area is not what it used to be, the importance—and popularity of this program —remains very high.

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Read What Schools Say About Tim’s Elementary School Assemblies….

“Thank you again this year for a fantastic show! Your anti-drug comedy and magic show was a real crowd pleaser again!”
~ Jane Wirt, Montandon Elementary PSA – Montandon, PA

“‘Mr. Tim’ (that is what the I called him for the students) was hilarious! ? The children were very attentive. (for an hour!)”
~ Dr. Glenn Riggs, Principal – Henryville Elementary School, Henryville, IN

“In my almost 30 years of education I don’t believe I have seen a more appropriate assembly. Tim’s humor and magic were outstanding as both brought tears of joy and laughter to kids and adults alike.”
Dennis Ledebur, Principal – Cherrytree Elementary, Titusville, PA

“The ‘I Love to Read’ assembly is the best program I have ever attended that encourages, as well as, promotes reading.  He shows a passion in his dedication to education. Children recognize and appreciate that he truly believe in what he is saying.”
Carol Putt-Ayers, Principal – Purchase Line Elementary, Purchase Line, PA