“How to Motivate Students”

Motivational Speaker Tim Piccirillo

In this fast-paced world, with information coming at students from every direction — from the internet to TV and a multitude of other media — it can not only be hard to hold a students’ attention but to keep them motivated to WANT to learn the curriculum your district is trying to teach. It’s a sad reality, but a reality nonetheless.

As a motivational speaker for teachers, Tim explains why he does what he does, and that teachers can do it with their own students too. His program discusses general motivation as well as specific techniques to get kids interested in the subject matter that teachers are required to teach.

Here’s what your teachers will learn:

  • Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic motivation
  • How “suggestion” influences students
  • The 3 “support beams” of motivation
  • How your communication affects your students’ ability to learn
  • 5 tried-and-true techniques to motivate students

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