“Stress-Busting for the Millennium: How to Not Just Manage But REDUCE the Stress in Your Life”

Motivational Speaker Tim PiccirilloLet’s face it, teaching in today’s environment is stressful. From many students coming from single-parent homes, peer-pressure with the lure of drugs, behavior problems and lack of respect for teachers from students — not to mention their personal lives with the usual challenges that all humans have to endure — teachers are an amazing breed who can keep their sanity while juggling the many “hats” they wear. In this high-pressure world and environment, is it any wonder people are so stressed out?

With that in mind, this program is a stress-REDUCTION workshop that was developed specifically for teachers and human service professionals. During this engaging and practical presentation, Tim teaches a 3-pronged approach to dealing with, and ultimately, reducing the negative stress in their lives:

  1. Changing your perception of stressful events.
  2. Modifying your environment to lessen stressors.
  3. Relaxing the body and quieting the mind.

Here’s an overview:

  • 4 thought patterns that will sabotage your serenity and what you can do about it.
  • A breathing exercise that will make your stress evaporate.
  • A method to “re-train” your brain to relax and calm down — instantly!
  • The correct way to use visualization so that you can calm down and STAY calm and resourceful throughout the entire school day — and beyond!
  • How exercise is one of the best stress-relievers.
  • The benefits of meditation in a stress-reduction plan.
  • 5 other techniques proven to reduce stress.

Tim has tested each one of these techniques and methods himself and still uses several to this day to keep the negative stress in his life at bay. These are proven methods that will help teachers “maintain their cool” in the classroom.

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