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Student motivational speaker Tim Piccirillo fully realizes that the education environment is changing radically today. With the effects of “The Great Recession” showing it’s aftershocks, global political turmoil and a LOT of uncertainty about the future, kids today need to know there IS HOPE for the future — because they are truly the stewards of the future!

Tim Gives Students Hope!

Tim starts every program with his story of growing up with Tourette Syndrome and becoming successful in 3 different fields despite it. He shares both the struggles and the successes he’s achieved through a passion for what he loved: Magic! He explains that he wasn’t “special” or specially gifted. He simply used his individual talents to do what he wanted to do and, more importantly, BE who he wanted to be.

Motivate YOUR Students to Do Their Best Before Testing!

“Tim is invited to many schools to motivate students to do their very best on mandated standardized testing. It’s a great way to inspire your students to put forth maximum effort on the tests when they hear Tim’s story and how his education — both formal and informal — allowed him to be successful in 3 different fields. This is a great way to use a portion of your assembly budget!”

The “Success Formula”

Although achieving great success in any endeavor isn’t easy, Tim firmly believes the formula for success is fairly simple.

  1. Know exactly what you want.
  2. Get the needed knowledge to pursue it. (hint: a good education!)
  3. Take massive action on your goals!
  4. Don’t give up!

He imparts this message throughout his signature program, “The Magic of Your Potential”.

Tim Uses a LOT of Presentation “Tools”….

To reach students today, who have access to at least 150 TV channels at any given time, Tim has found that he has to work what he calls “The 3 F’s”: Fast, Furious and Funny. He’s been speaking to youth all over the US and Canada for over 20 years and found that to engage a student audience and keep them engaged and listening, he needs to use different “tools”. Some of these include:

  • Motivational Speaker for StudentsMagic! Tim made his living at one time as a professional comedy magician and uses comedy and magic to illustrate his points as well as involve the students.
  • Personal example. As stated above, Tim shares “the good, the bad and the ugly” about what he went through in his quest for success and that it’s attainable for anyone who wants it.
  • Storytelling. Tim tells the stories of other successful people who overcame great odds to be successful as well as quoting well-known people who achieved greatness—including the story of Col. Harlan Sanders who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken.
  • Audience participation. Tim uses volunteers from the audience for his magic and also goes into the audience during his program to interact with the kids and they simply love this!
  • Tim sings! In schools, that have an appropriate sound system that can run either a CD or iPod through their system, Tim sometimes starts his program by singing an upbeat popular song with motivational lyrics. He sometimes ends with one as well!

Check Out Tim’s Student Programs…

Whether he’s doing an all-school assembly at a high school or a keynote for a teen leadership conference, Tim promises to take YOUR students on a roller-coaster ride of emotion.  Tim GUARANTEES no one will be be bored at his program! In fact, YOUR students will be uplifted, entertained and will feel just plain GOOD when they come out of his presentation. Tim’s “show” is not only high in educational value but extremely lively and entertaining as well. His program is very interactive and FUN so he knows how to hold and PLEASE his audience!

“The Magic Of Your Potential”

Tim firmly believes that that EVERY student, regardless of background, upbringing, financial status or disability has the potential to do, have and most importantly, BE more in their lives. After hearing how Tim learned to cope with his disability and attain success despite it, YOUR students will truly learn that it’s not what happens to you in life that matters, it’s what you do about it that makes the difference. In addition, they will realize that virtually anything is possible for their lives.

What Your Students Will Learn:

  • Tim’s story and how you can learn to overcome any obstacle in your life.
  • How to get whatever you want in life.
  • The importance of reading and continuous learning — even after high school.
  • The real truth about fear — and what you can do about it.
  • How your perception of life determines your reality.
  • YOUR message for YOUR students! *

“Leadership is a Choice”

In this presentation, Tim will prove that leadership truly is a choice and that the main requirement for leading is the desire to lead. Tim will show students how to be role models, how to improve their self-image and the key components for success and leadership to get others to follow.

*Tim Will Customize His Program

Tim knows that each school is different, with different challenges and a diverse student population. Some schools stress character development, while others have a strong “anti-drug” curriculum. Whatever the topic, Tim will tailor his program to include the points YOU want covered. In many cases Tim can actually develop a magic routine around the concept for added emphasis. This ensures that the students are more likely to remember the lesson when they are entertained at the same time. AND, there is no extra charge for this!

Consider These Important Points When Booking Tim Piccirillo…

  • All of his presentations are age-appropriate.
  • Program lasts from 45 minutes to one hour, depending on your school’s schedule.
  • Tim needs no special lighting or stage. He only requires a sound system. Tim is a joy to work with! He will work with your assembly or conference coordinator to ensure a smooth and trouble-free program.
  • Tim will not only deliver POWERFUL, IMPORTANT concepts, he will THOROUGHLY ENTERTAIN your students as well.

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