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Motivational Speaker Tim Piccirillo

Tim Piccirillo Tells His Story of Overcoming Obstacles Through The Power of Human Potential…

Born with Tourette’s Syndrome, Tim grew up with severe symptoms (virtually nonexistent now) of jerking his limbs involuntarily, facial tics as well as self-abusive behaviors.

With the help of his parents and three teachers, Tim learned to cope with this debilitating disorder and achieve success in three different fields. He credits these teachers for encouraging him to pursue his dreams and looking past his disability to fulfill his true potential. For over 20 years, Tim has presented captivating keynotes, student assemblies and conference programs to teachers and students and all over North America and Canada.

As a motivational speaker for teachers, Tim Piccirillo believes that speaking to teachers is an investment in America’s future because it is teachers that have our “stewards of the future” in their hands up to 7 hours a day. This is an awesome responsibility and Tim wants to celebrate the teaching profession as well as point out how teachers made a difference in his life!

As a student motivational speaker, Tim Piccirillo has been speaking to students even longer. He started doing programs for elementary-aged students with a magic show that had a “self-esteem” theme in the 1980’s. He then branched out to middle and high schools where he still speaks today. He feels that students need to hear his message of pressing on despite any adversity—due to the changes and challenges in the world today.

Tim graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Habilitative Science. He worked in progressively responsible positions in the mental health/mental retardation field before becoming the Executive Director of a Center for Independent Living by the time he was 29.

Deciding to walk away from a promising career as a leader in the disability field, Tim chose instead, to pursue his life-long dream of being a professional comedy magician. He also owned a talent agency for 13 years and has worked with some of the nation’s top stars including comedians Gallagher and Louis CK. He has also appeared with magicians Penn and Teller and has been an opening act for country music superstar Trace Adkins and “oldies” acts including, “The Diamond’s”, “The Coasters”, “The Platters”, and “The Marvelette’s”.

In 1995 he decided to become a motivational speaker to share his experiences and knowledge to help others fulfill their dreams. When he entered the speaking industry he was immediately drawn to present to teachers and students. As a full-time education motivational speaker and presenter, Tim travels all over North America speaking to teachers and students. He believes in what he teaches and believes in the power of EVERYONE’S potential!


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