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SpeakingTim has spoken in various areas of the disability and human services field for over 20 years. His degree and background are in the mental health and disability fields and he has keynoted conferences, presented for conference breakout sessions and conducted agency trainings in the fields of aging and elder care, mental health, transition and developmental disabilities, children services, as well as within the independent living field.

“Thank you for participating in the National Disability Employment Awareness Month breakfast at the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC). It was truly an inspiration to hear how you managed to overcome the negative effects of your disability and make such a positive impact on others!”

Susan P. Kroskey, Executive Advisor, Kennedy Space Center
Cocoa Beach, FL

Tim earned a bachelor’s degree in Habilitative Science and work in that realm for 10 years starting at a mental health center and ending his human services career as the director of a center for independent living—an agency that serves people with physical disabilities.   Tim understands the challenges human service professionals face both as direct service and support staff as well as from an administrative perspective, where lack of funding and staffing issues are a constant threat.

Tim believes that personal development precedes professional development and places his agency training and keynote focus on this critical area specifically.   His keynote and trainings are all high in educational content, inspiring and just plain FUN!

“Your program, which was customized for our group, was tremendously done and a huge success. Each person left with a smile on their face and a lot more knowledge to use at work and in their everyday lives. Thank you again….”

Shane Launer, Director In-Home Services, Office of Human Services

Ridgway, PA


“The Magic of Your Potential”

(Keynote or Workshop)

Lessons in adversity: Tim’s story of growing up with a serious disability.

– The 6 steps to getting whatever you want in life.

– The importance of continuous learning.

Tim’s 7-Step Formula for Success.

– Communication—A skill that can be improved by anyone

– How to overcome fear in your life

– Your perception determines your reality.

* Tim’s keynote can last up to 90 minutes. His training on this topic can go up to 3 hours.

“Stress-Busting for the Millennium: How to Reduce — Not Just Manage the Stress in Your Life!”


In this content-rich workshop Tim shows participants methods and techniques to cope with the negative stress in their personal and professional lives.  He takes a 3-pronged approach which includes:

  1. How to modify your environment.
  2. How to recognize and change your perception of stressful situations and events.
  3. Methods to relax the body and quiet the mind.

This workshop is interactive, relaxing, informative and just plain FUN!

“Thank you for your unique and entertaining Keynote presentation at our annual Parent Conference for Families. We received positive feedback from our evaluations and I heard parents talking about it through the day.  Once again — Thanks!”

Mark Rudolph, Executive Director, Family Support Services

St. Charles, MOTeambuilding


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