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Let Tim Piccirillo Show Your Employees, Students, and Anyone With a Disability The Magic of Their Potential!!!

Learn How Tim Turned a Difficult Disability Into an Asset and Changed Lives in the Process!

“Thank you for participating in the National Disability Employment Awareness Month at John F. Kennedy Space Center(KSC). It was truly an inspiration to hear how you managed to overcome the negative effects of your disability and make such a positive impact on others!”

— Susan P. Kroskey, Executive Advisor, Kennedy Space Center Cocoa Beach, FL

Motivational Speaker Tim PiccirilloBorn with Tourette’s Syndrome, Tim didn’t get diagnosed until the age of 16.  At the time, the medical community wasn’t fully aware of how prevalent this difficult and baffling disorder was.  Treatment options for it were also limited.  Tim had to learn how to deal with his disability one day at a time and not let it hamper his ambitions and dreams.  Through his experiences he discovered the true power of his potential.

By studying and practicing principles of personal development Tim discovered that EVERY person— regardless of their disability or challenge—has the potential to do, have and BE more in their lives than they every thought possible!   He then used what he learned to become a sought-after motivational speaker speaking all over the US and Canada.

He realized his talents of singing and performing magic and comedy at a young age and uses these tools in his presentations to illustrate his points and to hold interest.

Tim has presented almost 6000 shows and speeches in his career. His presentations are educational, inspiring and just plain FUN.   And Tim GUARANTEES to inspire and enthrall your audience!

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